What is TPU?
About us

About us

CandL was established in 2014, as a high quality brand focusing
on kitchenware and products for living.
We are an international European office being responsible
for European business with the headquarter in Aachen, Germany.
Being in contact with many merchandising departments we have
experience in working globally with the biggest channels.
The philosophy of our company is based on a long-term partnership
with the values of “Fair Trade” and “Win-Win”.
Through flexibility and innovation, we strive
constantly for higher goals.


What is TPU?

Advantages of TPU material

~ Recyclable material
~ Extreme resistance to abrasion
~ Boilable material for sterilization
~ Excellent elasticity, less noise, no abrasion of knives
~ Material used also for medical appliances & baby products.
~ Bisphenol-A free, free of heavy metals
~ Ca. 3 - 5 times stronger than PE or PP
~ High temperature resistance from -20°C to 150°C

Up to 150°



TPU in detail

Can be easily sterilized by pouring on / putting it in boiling water (max. 30 sec.)
Cold water can only remove 53.9% of the bacteria,
boiling water removes 99.6%.


Sillicone, PE, PPT

Features TPU PP.PE Tempered Glass Wood
Elasticity Excellent Good No No
Durability High (3-5 times higher
than PP.PE
Medium Good, but can break Low
Noise No Medium High Medium
Heat Resistance High (up to 150°C) Medium (80°C) Very high (up to 230°C) Low
Cutting Feeling Excellent Medium Bad Good
Cut Resistance High Low Very High Low
Corrosion Resistance Excellent Good Very good Bad
Knife Abrasion Low High Very high High
Hygiene Very good, no stain and odor,
fast dry
More stain,
more bacteria
Very good but
possibilities to break
Very good but
possibilities to break