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CandL is a production, distribution and marketing company, headquartered in Aachen, Germany. Established in 2014, CandL was created to challenge the kitchenware, household markets with high-quality innovative products imported mainly from South Korea.


The Korean premium products and prestigious brands are accessible for our well-developed customer networks. CandL only brings products that are competitive in terms of quality and pricing and in line with the European market.

ZEN by CandL


ZEN Premium porcelainware is manufactured at high temperatures with a mixture of pure, high-quality ingredients. The strength and integrity of our porcelain are attributed to our pursuit of using 1st-grade raw materials. Under a stringent and established quality assurance system, we continually strive to ensure our Porcelain is of high premium quality and glazed under lead-free conditions. This ensures maximum Porcelain strength, durability, and light, thin and bright colors that ultimately last.





Cuitisan are the world´s first microwave safe stainless steel food containers. Their light-weight and convenient design makes them not only perfect for the use at home, but also easy to carry along for work, school or leisure time activities. Whether for baking food in the oven, or storing it afterwards in the fridge or freezer, Cuitisan is just the go to food container for every kind of food preparation and storage. The cleaning is just as easy because Cuitisan is suitable for the dishwasher.


CandL Cutting Boards


CandL TPU cutting boards are made from the especially flexible and  durable material thermoplastic polyurethane that is also used in medical appliances, which makes them 3-5 times more resistant to cutting marks and protects the knives from abrasion. It is also antibacterial and can be sterilized in boiling water for additional hygiene in the food preparation process or conveniently washed in the dishwasher.  Due to the high flexibility food can be scooped up an moved to different places without spilling. The TPU material is also odor resistant and doesn´t take on food colorings.



Spiderloc are vacuum suction cups with perfect adhesion to different kinds of surfaces. Thanks to the dual vacuum suction cup system combining polyurethane gel and a screw, Spiderloc needs no tools or drilling and adheres to surfaces for one month before needing readjustment. They can carry up to 5 kg and the different hooks and holders comply with every hanging need, whether in the kitchen bathroom or living room.




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CandL l C&L INT GmbH

Gewerbepark Brand 82, 52078 Aachen, Germany

Tel: +49 (0) 241 510023 30