No Tools, No Glue!

Dual Vacuum Suction System &  Premium Quality

Check the Points of Spiderloc

No Tools, No Glue! Please check out more reasons why the Adsorption plate of spiderloc is excellent.

Patented Dual Suction System

First dual vacuum system in the world made of durable material.

Polyurethane Gel

Stronger hold thanks to the sorbent plate covered with polyurethane gel.

Vacuum Suction

The twistable cap increases the vacuum pressure.

Instalment on Curved Surface

Gel type vacuum wall maintains perfect vacuum by making the base plane 1,5-1,8 times wider more than the height. It can be attached even to a curved surface up to 1mm.


After washing,

it can be easily reused.


Readjusting the cap once a month makes it last longer.



Up to 5KG

Can withstand up to 5kg of weight by a Dual-vacuum adsorption system.

Made in Korea

Our products are made in Korea with strict production regulations in order to produce high quality products.

Surfaces Spiderloc can be used on

Check which surfaces Spiderloc can be used on before placing the order!

Suitable surfaces

Non-porous surfaces

Tiles may have invisible air holes. If the suction cup does not adhere well,

test it by attaching the product to any non-porous surfaces such as mirrors or glasses to make sure it works properly.

Coated tiles

Oil based paint

Coated sheet



Coated appliances

Unsuitable surfaces

Porous surfaces

Spiderloc cannot be used on porous surfaces such as mosaic tiles, matt tiles, water-based paint, wallpaper, marble, patterned tiles.

Tile smaller than suction cup

Matt tiles

Water based paint



Patterned tiles

Perfect everywhere

- Patent Registration: Korea, USA, China, Japan, Germany and France

- Registration of the Trademark: Korea, USA and China

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