Why Spiderloc over regular suction cups?


Made in Korea, Spiderloc is the very first suction cup that can be used on slightly uneven surfaces thanks to its Dual Vacuum Suction System.

The system provides long lasting hold and easy installation.  Therefore no tools or glue are needed to fix it!


No tools needed.


The product does not require

drilling, hammer or nails.


No glue needed.


You do not need glue,

Cyanoacrylate and stickers.


Long lasting hold.


Attaches only by dual vacuum suction function on a wall.


Over Door Dual

Hanging Hook

Coming soon

Over Door 4 Hanging Hook

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Over Door 8 Hanging Hook

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What is the Dual Vacuum Suction System?

It is called Dual since the long-lasting hold is provided by the two main innovations of the product

- The built-in screw increases the vacuum pressure

- The rubber ring covered with polyurethane gel provides stronger hold.



Adsorption of Polyurethane Gel

The primary adsoprtion effect of the product comes from the sticky, strong, adhesion force of the polyurethane gel type rubber rings. If the ring becomes dirty or the adhesion decreases all we have to do is clean it with neutral detergent and running water.



Vacuum Suction of Rubber Cup

The twistable cap through the screw increases the vacuum pressure in the suction cup. Thanks to this unique and patented method the product can hold up to 5kg. Since the pressure can decrease in the system, in order to maintain the long-lasting effect of the product, the cap needs to be readjusted once a month.


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